Is This For Me?

The decision to homeschool is not always easy. Families new to homeschooling are often concerned if it will provide a good education for their children and if they have the skills needed to be a good homeschool teacher.

Homeschooling will work if you can commit to the process and take responsibility for your child’s education. From firsthand experience, we have seen homeschooling work many times over, with many different families in many different parts of the world.

Teaching your children at home is a wonderful opportunity to be part of their education and help them shape their interests while providing a solid knowledge base.

I Want To Homeschool From The Beginning

Homeschooling from the beginning is an amazing way to provide a foundation for your child that will encourage them to learn and grow throughout their life.

You have already spent the first several years of your child’s life helping them learn and develop and there is no reason to stop now. No public school will be able to encourage your child’s learning and cater to their special interests the way a homeschool education can.

If your child is approaching school age, now is the right time to consider their future and layout an education plan that will benefit their whole life. This beginning is also a great time to start your journey as a teaching parent.

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I Want To Start Homeschooling My Older Child

Homeschooling your child after they have already experienced public education is not as difficult as you think.

Many families begin homeschooling later in their child’s education for many different reasons. Whether due to travel or relocating, change in school districts, quality between grade levels, safety, learning environment or lifestyle change, the decision to homeschool is never too late.

If you feel the time to change your child’s educational direction is coming soon, contact us and discuss the options available for a new lease on learning and the possibilities that a homeschool education can bring.

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How To Start

If you are ready to start planning your homeschooling adventure, here are a couple of things to think about:

What is the end goal?
Are you planning for your child to attend collage or university or maybe a specialized skill field?

Which areas of study should you focus on?
Is your child more inclined towards maths and numbers or literature based studies? What are their special skills and interests?

What is your learning environment?
Do you live close to museums and art galleries or are you based in a rural area? Different environments can provide different learning opportunities.

Homeschooling provides unlimited opportunities for your child’s education. We will be happy to discuss your options and help design a curriculum that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Get started now with Life’s A Fieldtrip.

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If you are still not sure if homeschooling is the right choice for you, please take a look at our guides and resources or contact us for our consultation rates to discuss your future in homeschooling.