Payment and Service Policy

By undertaking any guidance, recommendations or services from Life’s A Fieldtrip you agree to the terms of this policy.


All prices are quoted in US Dollars. No services will begin until payment is received in full.

Please be aware that additional charges by banks, credit unions, money transfer services, credit card companies, online fund distributors or other third parties used to make your payment may apply. The purchaser is responsible for any such fees.

Money transfers can take up to 14 working days. You will be issued with a receipt as soon as your payment can be verified.

Life’s A Fieldtrip is not responsible for misdirected or non-received payments. Please make sure that payments are made to through the appropriate channels.

Credit Card Processing

Credit card payments for Life’s A Fieldtrip are processed using third party applications. Any issues in processing such payments or discrepancies in charges must be dealt with through the credit card processing companies and are not the responsibility of Life’s A Fieldtrip, however, we will do our best to cooperate with you to resolve any such issues with the credit card processor that are within our capabilities.

The third party applications used in making credit card charges use servers that are completely unaffiliated with Life’s A Fieldtrip. As such, absolutely no data or information relating to your credit card passes through the servers used by this website. The card numbers you enter bypass our servers completely and none of your sensitive data will be recorded by our servers.

As added protection to the credit card holder, we have encrypted the purchasing page with a standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) page. This will help keep your details safe from attempts to intercept your information used to make purchases on our website.

The SSL page is indicated by the “lock” icon in your browser address bar.

If you feel something is suspicious on the payments page or the payment link you are directed to appears broken, please feel free to contact us first before proceeding with your payment.

Cancellation and Refund

Refunds may not be available for cancellations made after payment has been sent.

No refund will be given for excess payments made lower than the amount of $15.

Money spent on bank, currency exchange, international transfer, or any other fees can not be refunded. Equal fees may apply for transferring your refund.

Any additional fees incurred to communicate with or gain access to the services offered are at the expense of the purchaser.

If the services offered can not be provided due to the fault of Life’s A Fieldtrip, we will gladly make new arrangements or refund your money.

Life’s A Fieldtrip does not offer a guarantee or refund in any form if the services have been arranged through a third party agent, advisor, coordinator, coach, teacher, education service or other such entity.

If your plans for home education are interrupted, cancelled or otherwise made unavailable due to the fault of the homeschool covering, textbook or educational resource provider, education board or other third party, it will be up to the appropriate representative of that institution to explain what options are available to you. Life’s A Fieldtrip does not have the authority to issue a refund for another company.

Should services be made unavailable due to extraordinary circumstances, natural disaster, severe weather, act of terror or other such event outside the control of Life’s A Fieldtrip, no refund or reimbursement will be offered and indefinite delay should be expected.

Life’s A Fieldtrip reserves the right to terminate this agreement at any time without any legal or financial ramifications or penalties, should the student, teacher, parent, educator or any member of the purchasing or receiving party become unresponsive, incapable or unwilling to work in a cooperative manner.

Items included in education or coaching packages offered by Life’s A Fieldtrip are non-exchangeable or refundable if a particular option is not required.

Last minute requests for additional curriculum or course structure will be denied if it can not be prepared for properly.

Contents and Responsibilities

A standard home education consultation package will include the following:

A custom curriculum outline based on the interests of the student(s) and standard educational requirements suitable for their knowledge level, with recommended textbooks, learning materials and resources adequate for one (1) full term of schooling.

A guidance and advisory communication bundle with a value of fifteen 15 units to divide as necessary for the maximum benefit of the purchaser.

Verbal communication includes interaction over telephone or a digital platform, such as Skype, which is allocated into blocks of ten (10) minutes, or less. Two (2) units will be deducted for every one (1) block of verbal communication.

Written communication includes interaction over email, sms message or other digital text-based platform, which is allocated into blocks of two-hundred and fifty (250) words or less. One (1) unit will be deducted for every one (1) block of written communication.

It is recommended that appointments be made and confirmed twenty-four (24) hours in advance for verbal communication sessions in order to ensure adequate time can be given to the call. Verbal communication is available from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm, central standard time, unless otherwise agreed upon via special appointment.

Communication blocks are intended for the discussion of issues pertaining to aspects of home education and related subjects only.

Please be aware that an appropriate answer to your questions may take time to properly research in order to provide you with the best answer. Life’s A Fieldtrip reserves the right to take as much time as needed to achieve acceptable results. Likewise, some inquiries may have no acceptable answer, in which case Life’s A Fieldtrip reserves the right to deny providing such information, without further explanation required.

Additional communication units may be available for purchase, if needed. Units come in blocks of 10 units per purchase.

A Style guide to assist in the record keeping and progress made by the student(s).

One (1) written annual progress report, recapping the student’s year of education.

The content of the progress report is largely dependent on the accuracy of the record keeping provided by the parent or teacher. Yearly progress reports are typically required by most homeschool coverings and Life’s A Fieldtrip will endeavor to comply with the standards and format set forth by the covering, however there is no guarantee the report will be accepted by every institution as anything more than a personal record.

Please note some educational coverings or jurisdictions require quarterly progress reports. Additional fees will apply for multiple reports, should you choose to use the services of Life’s A Fieldtrip for such purposes.

The parent or teacher is accountable for accurate record keeping, or supervision of record keeping by the student. Reports to the homeschool covering or other educational authority may be rejected if record keeping is inaccurate or misleading.

It is the responsibility of the parent or teacher to keep in compliance with their homeschool covering and the local laws of their region in regards to home education, if required. Life’s A Fieldtrip will gladly offer guidance when possible, but is not legally obligated to keep the student or educator in good standing with such educational institutions.

Liability Waiver and Disclaimer

By using any recommendations, guidance or services provided by Life’s A Fieldtrip, you agree to indemnify, hold harmless and release Life’s A Fieldtrip (its owners, management, staff and agents) from any and all legal responsibilities that may arise, either directly or indirectly, from the information or services provided.

Life’s A Fieldtrip acts as an independent advisor and educational resource coordinator, it is not directly affiliated with any national or local education board, private or public school, collage, university or other such institutions of learning, nor does a direct affiliation exist between the company and any textbook publisher, curriculum setter or other such provider of educational materials.

Any complaints or disputes that arise in relation to the quality of education a student receives, their acceptance into other educational institutions, compliance with local, national or international laws or faults in the learning resources or textbooks must be resolved between the purchaser and the other entity in concern.

Life’s A Fieldtrip is not responsible for inconveniences, interference, loss of time, money, assets or other such losses due to third party software, applications or resources. Please consult the terms and conditions of the third party in question for further details on their policy.

Negligence by the parent, teacher, tutor, student, pupil, educational governing body, homeschool covering, publisher, wholesaler or retailer of educational resources, test-giving institution, third party activity group organizers or other such party will not reflect on or be seen as negligence on behalf of Life’s A Fieldtrip.

Any information that you have given Life’s A Fieldtrip regarding the learning abilities of the student, the educational qualifications of the teacher or tutor and the learning environment in which they interact is assumed to be correct. The purchaser will be held solely responsible for any issues that arise from miscommunication or knowingly withholding such information.

Life’s A Fieldtrip does not guarantee that the recommended course materials will necessarily produce the results desired, nor that the student will be able to pass standardized testing at any certain level or that the teaching party will be able to fully communicate the curriculum. The outcome of home education is ultimately in the efforts of the teacher and the student.

The materials and services offered are intended for the benefit of educating, teaching and learning experiences, only. Life’s A Fieldtrip has no responsibility for organizing matters relating to home, family or personal life.

The legal standing of home education and any documentation that may be required in your state or country of residence or origin is not the responsibility of Life’s A Fieldtrip. We recommend seeking legal advice to verify your position at your own discretion.

This policy is enforceable up to the fullest extent of the law of the state of Alabama in the United States Of America. If any part of this agreement is found to be unenforceable or invalid, that part shall be removed, whilst the remainder of the agreement will remain enforceable and legally binding.

This policy is subject to change without notice.

Last modified on: March 26, 2017.