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Reliable homeschool support for a complete education.

Life’s A Fieldtrip is a homeschool guidance provider that specializes in individual curriculum packages and firsthand information to help you succeed with home education.

Whether you are starting from the beginning or continuing your child’s education outside of the school system, Life’s A Fieldtrip can help you make a successful homeschooling experience with a quality education for your child.

Our services include:


Personalized Curriculum Packages provide a custom outline for educating your child at home, textbook recommendations, one-on-one interaction with an experienced homeschool teacher, record keeping guidelines and a year-end report for your homeschool covering.


One-on-one guidance sessions answering all of your questions about homeschooling, whether you are concerned about where to start or want to improve your current home learning situation, our chief consultant can help you.


Year-end reports are often a requirement by homeschool coverings or state governing bodies and also an important key if your child is going on to further education.  Our unique and accurate reports on your child’s school year will give you more time to enjoy homeschooling and less time on paperwork.

The number of homeschoolers is increasing every year and respected as a genuine option for a better education.

Life’s A Fieldtrip can help you create an amazing home learning experience for you and your child.

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Is This For Me?

The decision to homeschool is not always easy. Families new to homeschooling are often concerned if it will provide a good education for their children and if they have the skills needed to be a good homeschool teacher.

Homeschooling will work if you can commit to the process and take responsibility for your child’s education. From firsthand experience, we have seen homeschooling work many times over, with many different families in many different parts of the world.

Teaching your children at home is a wonderful opportunity to be part of their education and help them shape their interests while providing a solid knowledge base.

Life’s A Fieldtrip has quick and affordable consulting to answer your questions.

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I Want To Homeschool From The Beginning

Homeschooling from the beginning is an amazing way to provide a foundation for your child that will encourage them to learn and grow throughout their life.

You have already spent the first several years of your child’s life helping them learn and develop and there is no reason to stop now. No public school will be able to encourage your child’s learning and cater to their special interests the way a homeschool education can.

If your child is approaching school age, now is the right time to consider their future and layout an education plan that will benefit their whole life. This beginning is also a great time to start your journey as a teaching parent.

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I Want To Start Homeschooling My Older Child

Homeschooling your child after they have already experienced public education is not as difficult as you think.

Many families begin homeschooling later in their child’s education for many different reasons. Whether due to travel or relocating, change in school districts, quality between grade levels, safety, learning environment or lifestyle change, the decision to homeschool is never too late.

If you feel the time to change your child’s educational direction is coming soon, contact us and discuss the options available for a new lease on learning and the possibilities that a homeschool education can bring.

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How To Start

If you are ready to start planning your homeschooling adventure, here are a couple of things to think about:

What is the end goal?
Are you planning for your child to attend collage or university or maybe a specialized skill field?

Which areas of study should you focus on?
Is your child more inclined towards maths and numbers or literature based studies? What are their special skills and interests?

What is your learning environment?
Do you live close to museums and art galleries or are you based in a rural area? Different environments can provide different learning opportunities.

Homeschooling provides unlimited opportunities for your child’s education. We will be happy to discuss your options and help design a curriculum that fits your goals and lifestyle.

Get started now with Life’s A Fieldtrip.

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If you are still not sure if homeschooling is the right choice for you, please take a look at our guides and resources or contact us for our consultation rates to discuss your future in homeschooling.

Personalized Curriculum Packages

Life’s A Fieldtrip offers Personalized Curriculum Packages to meet the educational requirements for the grade level of your child and also focus on their specific interests. The packages include useful resources for the teaching parent, information on homeschooling best-practices and a year-end report to validate your child’s efforts.

Personalized Curriculum Packages include four parts:

Curriculum List

We work together with you to create a curriculum list that includes textbooks, reading lists and activities that will encourage your child’s interests and satisfy the requirements for a solid education.

Every family is unique, which is why we take all aspects of your lifestyle and longterm goals into consideration when designing your homeschool curriculum.

Only textbooks that have proven reliable by firsthand experience and actual results are included on the curriculum list. Along with recognized reading lists and a focus on special interests, you can give your child a complete education in all major fields, including:

  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Literature
  • Geography
  • Science
  • Art
  • Music

Personal Guidance

Each package includes one-on-one communication sessions to answer all of your questions and guide you through the homeschool experience. You can talk directly to an experienced homeschool teacher by phone or email anytime you need a little extra help.

Get firsthand knowledge about the homeschooling process and resolve your concerns quickly, so you can enjoy your time homeschooling. All communication sessions are personal and friendly, giving you direct access to information on:

  • Lesson plans
  • Fieldtrips
  • Social education
  • Grading
  • Testing
  • Modifying lessons
  • Self-study
  • Difficult lessons
  • Making everything count
  • Critical discussion
  • Preparing for further education

Testing Organization

Keeping a record of your child’s education is important for their further education and often a legal requirement. That is why Life’s A Fieldtrip provides information and guidance on how to best document the lessons your child has covered and their other educational achievements.

Good record keeping is invaluable when it is time to make quarterly, semi-annual or annual reports to your homeschool covering. Our method helps you establish a simple and easy note-taking system for your records.

Personalized Curriculum Packages also guide you on selecting and participating in annual standardized tests to best prepare your child for further education, covering internationally recognized tests, such as:

  • IOWA
  • ACT
  • SAT

Year-end Report

The year-end report documents your child’s educational accomplishments throughout the year and is an important part of the Personalized Curriculum Package.

We work together with the teaching parent to review your child’s school year and create an individual record that can be used to satisfy the requirements of your local homeschool covering or help demonstrate their abilities when moving on to further education.

Life’s A Fieldtrip includes a year-end report in the package, so you can spend more time sharing in your child’s education and less time worrying about paperwork. A year-end report is the key to educational opportunities after homeschooling, such as:

  • University or collage
  • Vocational school
  • Specialized apprenticeship
  • Private school
  • Overseas Education


Life’s A Fieldtrip specializes in homeschool consulting and guidance, offering Personalized Curriculum Packages to help teaching parents create an ideal education for their children at home.

Connie Brown

Founder and Chief Consultant

Connie Brown was a key researcher in the Los Angeles aerospace industry after graduating from the University of Southern California. She left her career in aerospace to raise and homeschool her three children over the next 18 years.

I was fortunate to hear about the success of homeschooling when my children were infants. It made so much sense to continue guiding their education into their school years.

Connie is a strong believer in lifelong learning, continuing to study throughout her life and develop her own educational style. She holds a Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Public Relations from the University of Southern California and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration & Geospatial Analysis from Jacksonville State University.

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