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Terms and conditions for the use of lifesafieldtrip.com:



By accessing this site, you (hereafter also known as “the user”) agree to fully comply with the following terms and conditions.  Using the website creates an agreement between the user and lifesafieldtrip.com (hereafter also known as “the company”) and it will be accepted that you understand and agree to all the following terms and conditions set forth by the company.

The company has the right to change, update, modify or remove any of these terms and conditions at any time it sees fit to do so.  The most recent version of the terms and conditions supersedes all previous versions.  Should any of these provisions be deemed illegal, invalid or unenforceable, they will become inapplicable and in no way alter or make invalid any of the other terms and conditions in this agreement.

Delay in enforcing these terms and conditions by the company does not negate their validity, nor act as a waiver of release to the user.  These terms may only be deemed ineffective through a written waiver by the company, signed and certified by the appropriate representatives of Life’s A Fieldtrip.

These terms and conditions are applicable to lifesafieldtrip.com and its sub-pages only.  They do not attempt to encompass the policies of other websites or companies.  This agreement is also limited to simply a user/supplier arrangement and in no way forms a working or employment based relationship between the company and the user.


Property Rights

All materials made available on this website (whether registered or unregistered) are the exclusive property of lifesafieldtrip.com, Life’s A Fieldtrip, the guest authors who have provided content to the company or are otherwise authorised and licensed to the company, unless otherwise noted.  This includes, but is not limited to, all visual elements, logos, text, photographs, video, audio digital materials, downloadable materials, data, images, page layout and any previously used or future content published on the website.

Using any of these materials for republication, broadcast, reprint, distributed, copying, modification or release to the public through physical, electronic or any other medium in any way constitutes a violation of these terms and conditions and may result in legal action from Life’s A Fieldtrip and/or any third party whose materials are permitted to be used by this website.

This website is intended for personal use only.  It is not permitted to use the materials published on the website or mentioned above for any commercial use without the express written consent of Life’s A Fieldtrip or an appropriate representative of the company.  To request use of these materials, please contact us via the contact page of this website.

The information made available on this website is for demonstrational purposes only and is not intended to be used as teaching material or distributed in any form.  All content on this website is the property of Life’s A Fieldtrip unless otherwise stated.  If you wish to use the content for public presentation, republication, critical or demonstrational analysis, or incorporation in any commercial or non-commercial media, you must contact Life’s A Fieldtrip and obtain written permission to do so.



Certain visual elements used on this site are the exclusive trademarks of Life’s A Fieldtrip and are protected by common trademark or servicemark laws in the United States, specifically, the “Life’s A Fieldtrip” logo and the hot air balloon silhouette visual.

Using these trademarks without the proper permission of the company or any attempt to copy or duplicate them to promote other products or companies will result in legal action against the responsible party by Life’s A Fieldtrip.

Applying for a trademark in the United States or any other jurisdiction that is identical to or is confusingly similar to the trademarks used by Life’s A Fieldtrip is prohibited under these terms of use.  Legal action will be pursued against violators until the trademark application is rescinded, cancelled or relinquished to the company.


Liability Disclaimer

By using this website you do so solely at your own risk.  Life’s A Fieldtrip, lifesafieldtrip.com, its owners, employees, agents, affiliates sponsors and partners are in no way liable or responsible should any damage be caused to the user during their use of this website.  This includes, but is not limited to, direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary, punitive, or any other form of damage.

The company makes no assurance that this site is free from virus, computer bugs, glitches, spyware, malware or any other form of malicious software, nor does it guarantee the user is safe from hackers, phishing scams, breaches of security on the website itself or the server it operates from or other such attacks on the user during their time spent on this website.

The company does not insure that your machine, operating system, software, hardware or any other devices will function correctly with the website.

Difficulties accessing the site due to issues with the host, sever or any of the other problems related to the unreliability of the internet are to be expected.  The website may also become unavailable do to repairs, upgrades, general site maintenance or deliberate closure by the company with no prior notice or explanation to the user.  Access to the site may also be restricted due to your geographical location or other reason out of the control of the company.


Third Parties

Through links on this site, the user may come in contact with third party websites.  Likewise, the company will not be in any way liable for damages, errors, viruses or other inconveniences caused through third party links, nor will the company be responsible to actively monitor or attempt to control the content of third parties that may be accessed from the website.  This comprises all third party elements that may occur during time spent on this website, including links through affiliates and sponsors as well as plug-ins or software updates that may be prompted through the use of this website.

Some features on this website may incorporate elements from social networking sites such as twitter, facebook, flick’r and youtube.  We suggest that you read each of their individual privacy policies, terms and conditions as they may differ from those of this site and the company will not be held accountable for any problems produced by these third party networks.


Liability of Content

The company tries to ensure complete and accurate information for the user wherever possible, however in the event of information being false or misleading, the company will not be held responsible, nor shall they be required to compensate the user for loss of time or money, inconvenience or disadvantage from taking action upon the information provided.  This content is provided “as is” with no accompanying guarantee.

Content posted by guests at the request or permission of lifesafieldtrip.com, including interviews, columns, letters of address, notices of events or other invited content shall be regarded solely as the opinion of the author/speaker of said content and does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Life’s A Fieldtrip, lifesafieldtrip.com, its owners, employees, affiliates or sponsors.  Similarly, the company is in no way responsible for the accuracy or validity of any such third party statements.

The company does not guarantee that the content (in any form) on this website is safe or suitable for children.  Children accessing this site are assumed to have done so with the full permission and approval of a parent/legal guardian.



Lifesafieldtrip.com collects small amounts of information from the user via cookies to determine how many people have visited the website, their region and interest in particular services.  The information gathered from you is non-personal and kept in the strictest confidentiality between Life’s A Fieldtrip and the third party host who collects the information.  The company does not sell, lease, hire or exploit any user information collected by the website.  It is used for internal purposes only.

The user’s information is also kept confidential should the user contact the company via email, the contact form on the website, telephone, post or any other method.  The company will not exploit the information of the user for monetary gain nor any other incentive.  Only in cases of legal questionability will the company agree to relinquish the information and only then to the proper authorities.



You, the user, agree to fully indemnify, defend and hold harmless (and continuously to do so) Life’s A Fieldtrip, its owners, management, staff, representatives, agents, directors and other affiliates and employees from any and all losses, liabilities, costs, claims, expenses (including legal costs and attorney’s fees), damages and demands suffered that may occur from use of this website and/or violation of these terms and conditions or through any other connection with Life’s A Fieldtrip.


Legal Jurisdiction

Life’s A Fieldtrip, lifesafieldtrip.com and all of its related business dealings are under the jurisdiction of the state of Alabama in the United States of America.  Should any dealing with the company or the website come into question, arbitration will be held under American law in an Alabama court, or at a location chosen at the discretion of Life’s A Fieldtrip.  Claims against the company must be brought individually and not in the form of a group or class action complaint.



Life’s A Fieldtrip and lifesafieldtrip.com operate out of Anniston, Alabama (USA) and trade under the same name.  Contact by e-mail can be made to connie@lifesafieldtrip.com.  All questions, concerns and suggestions should be made by using this information or through the contact page on this site.

Any suggestions made on improving this website, or to benefit the company in whatever manor will become the property of Life’s A Fieldtrip and will void the user’s entitlement to receive compensation in any form, free from royalties or financial incentive for said suggestions and allow the company to adapt, modify, sell, publish, perform and generally use the information the user provided for whatever purpose desired by the company.

Contact made to the company in relation to employing its services are expected to be genuine and legitimate.  Insincere, misleading or false enquires will be regarded as a violation of the terms and conditions of this website and may bring legal action against the user if violated.


These terms and conditions were last modified on: November 25, 2016.